torstai 4. maaliskuuta 2010

Aada´s 3rd B´day!

Thank you all for sending lovely cards, emails and presents! Aada had her princess party with Cinderella & Tinkerbell cakes and napkins :) Cake pics follow later so I can call my blog again baking blog or cake blog ;)

I haven´t got many pics yet from the party.
The candles!

Anni came for a visit with her family and girls had a really great time as you can see! It seemed like they played together yesterday and not 3 months ago. I got tears in my eyes ´cause they looked so sweet together, and then of course it made me miss all my friends even more :) These 2 photos are from Tuulis cam.

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Ihana Aada puhaltaa kynttilöitä ihan tosissaan :o)