lauantai 5. maaliskuuta 2011

Still here...

It has been 7 months of silence... been busy I guess. I'm still busy.. kind of... but thought that if somebody is still visiting my blog they will be surprised even about the short update ;)

Hmmm should I promise to write more later... we'll see if that happens. I would love to write but finding the time to do it... Not sure if it will happen.

The spring is here I can tell because Aada and her friends are falling in love with the boys at the nursery so that is the first sign :) She is going to get married with Daniel but only when she will be older. Last month the lucky boy was our godson Elias but Aada did not have wedding dress and it was actually Elias who announced the news about the marriage plans ;) Kids are sooo adorable with their funny feelings!

Hope to be more active but cannot promise, sorry!

tiistai 3. elokuuta 2010

Hot, hotter, Finnish summer

It has been extremely hot summer. If I remember correctly in July we had 1 day when temperature was under +25 C :) and the new Finnish record is +37 C ;) Not complaining at all after long snowy winter. We spent our holidays with family and friends. Here is few lovely summer memories.

Aada and Juulia.

Our little princess and her pet :) (this one is one of my favourite pics..)

Feeding sheeps with bread.

Mäntyharju summer cabin. In Mäntyharju temperature in the lake was +24C - +26C. It was even warm enough for me to swim :) Jonne swam already in April, I did in July... :)

Enjoying boat trip with daddy. I was still at work.

Swan lake (well it is a small river with rapids :) ) This one is another favo of mine.

Summer girl!

Swimming in the rapids close to East border when visiting great grandparents. Aada swam every day on holiday, many times a day and got ear infection after 2 weeks :( She did not care much about it but was ok with the rule not to dive ;)

I´m sooo excited because Martynas family arrives to Finland pretty soon!! 13 days and we will meet again after too long break!! !!

torstai 8. heinäkuuta 2010

More pics

More pics because Martyna was dissapppointed with so few pics downloaded ;)

Baby-Aku visiting us with Anni & co.

Jonne doing some research with Aada and Eetu.

Mom, I´m getting wet because it is raining!!

Mid Summer 2010, me & Tuuli (& Aku hiding).

Will have to take some time and write longer... after holidays! Bye :)

tiistai 6. heinäkuuta 2010

Anybody here?

Hope that somebody will visit us :) after a long long break. The other computer is again working so it makes life easier and you might see some new pics...
Have been busy doing things here and there but it is another story.

Aada is ready to go to nurserys spring party. The party is tradition in Finland in every nursery.
She was performing on stage all English songs with the older kids. Mommy was so proud of her!

Then Anni came for a visit! How happy they were again to see each other!

Celebrating Mid summer.

torstai 22. huhtikuuta 2010


I have been quiet for very long time.... a month. Yeah I´ve been busy and our home computer smells like it would be burning from some parts so not using it at the moment :)

Trying to be more active!!!

maanantai 22. maaliskuuta 2010

Let it snow, let it snow....

Ok so this year we do have snow... I cannot even think about a perfect word for the amount of the snow... I could have settled with little less actually... and last night we got even more snow... Not complaining, yeah right, but it would be nice to see those spring flowers before July ;) Of course all the kids love it but cleaning the car every morning...

Aada with daddy.

Somebody might say it is challenging to play in this playground :) Well Aada thought it was good fun!

Sorry Aada it is impossible to use these swings before summer ;)

Yeah it is me standing there with the snow tractors cleaned from the roads.

Our balcony and some snow... Next place to store it = our balcony :)

maanantai 8. maaliskuuta 2010

Aadas bedroom and cakes

Elikkäs tässäpä pari kuvaa Aadan huoneesta ja mun kakkusista Aadan juhliin :)

Aada´s new bed. We bought it from Ikea. Bed cover is real vintage, my mother-in-law used it in her room when she was eighteen. Auntie Henna gave the toy box as a Christmas present. She repainted it by herself and it has wheels!

Kakkublogi-osuus ;) Here we go, the cake blog part, as I love to call it ;)

If I remember correctly, Cinderella cake had strawberry-vanilla-cream filling and Tinkerbell had chocolate filling. I bought those decorations (both pictures) from a baking shop, how handy is that! My mom helped and baked both cakes from scratch and my job was filling and decorating.