lauantai 5. maaliskuuta 2011

Still here...

It has been 7 months of silence... been busy I guess. I'm still busy.. kind of... but thought that if somebody is still visiting my blog they will be surprised even about the short update ;)

Hmmm should I promise to write more later... we'll see if that happens. I would love to write but finding the time to do it... Not sure if it will happen.

The spring is here I can tell because Aada and her friends are falling in love with the boys at the nursery so that is the first sign :) She is going to get married with Daniel but only when she will be older. Last month the lucky boy was our godson Elias but Aada did not have wedding dress and it was actually Elias who announced the news about the marriage plans ;) Kids are sooo adorable with their funny feelings!

Hope to be more active but cannot promise, sorry!