tiistai 5. tammikuuta 2010

Aadas new room ja maton kuva

As you may have seen pics here already with Finnish text so I kind of have started our flat decoration from Aadas room. I think it is the easiest task ´cause we still can´t figure what we need (read: want to have) in the other end of living room :)
So this time Aada got new rug. Well she did not have old one either:)

Eli tässäpäs Aadan uusi matto.

You can only see one end because at the moment her room is a mess ;) No storage space for toys... jeez... those are everywhere can tell :) Rug is really cute but it was almost impossible to find it. I preferred something soft for both material and colours. Didn´t want to buy any Disney rugs :) This one was actually made already 1998 so fashion has definately changed because we could not find any other one that could compete with these bunnies.

Tänään on Eetun virallinen 1-vuotis synttäripäivä! Onnea Eetulle, huomenna juhlitaan!

Tomorrow we´ll be celebrating Eetu´s first Birthday together with relatives and friends!! It is bank holiday in Finland.

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Karin kirjoitti...

Hi Sanna, It's nice to be able to read about your life back in Finland. I love your rug and lamp. This past winter, I've been looking at design websites for ideas for making our apartment more interesting. Have you ever seen the website http://www.ohdeedoh.com/? It makes me want to be a kid again! Hope you're having a great time back in Finland!

S-K kirjoitti...

Hey Karin! I loved the website, amazing stuff for kids, such a clever ideas! I might want to use some ideas for Aadas room because it is not ready yet :) Take care!