tiistai 3. elokuuta 2010

Hot, hotter, Finnish summer

It has been extremely hot summer. If I remember correctly in July we had 1 day when temperature was under +25 C :) and the new Finnish record is +37 C ;) Not complaining at all after long snowy winter. We spent our holidays with family and friends. Here is few lovely summer memories.

Aada and Juulia.

Our little princess and her pet :) (this one is one of my favourite pics..)

Feeding sheeps with bread.

Mäntyharju summer cabin. In Mäntyharju temperature in the lake was +24C - +26C. It was even warm enough for me to swim :) Jonne swam already in April, I did in July... :)

Enjoying boat trip with daddy. I was still at work.

Swan lake (well it is a small river with rapids :) ) This one is another favo of mine.

Summer girl!

Swimming in the rapids close to East border when visiting great grandparents. Aada swam every day on holiday, many times a day and got ear infection after 2 weeks :( She did not care much about it but was ok with the rule not to dive ;)

I´m sooo excited because Martynas family arrives to Finland pretty soon!! 13 days and we will meet again after too long break!! !!

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Tuuli kirjoitti...

Ihania kesakuvia. Anni kysyi, miksi Aadalla on mato. Terveisia meilta kaikilta Cambridgesta :)